Justine Missen


Justine Missen

Justine Missen is an artist and surface designer, specializing in textiles and customized artworks for large-scale interior applications.

With a background in brand design and strategic planning, Justine worked for branding and design agencies in Australia and New York, establishing Justine Missen Creative Studio in the year 2000.

Justine’s creative interests cross many disciplines. Amongst other things, she has designed furniture, jewelry, retail and fashion brands, bespoke textiles and wallpapers, restaurant and retail interiors, customized artworks for commercial and residential spaces, in addition to copywriting and trend projection. Justine has also had solo exhibitions in painting and photography and is currently working on her next series of paintings.

The diversity of her experience allows Justine to bridge the divide between the creative, intellectual and logistical components of projects. This is invaluable for clients that require seamless integration of applied thinking; from initial concepts to final application.

Justine is an avid traveler and nature lover. She finds inspiration in cultural diversity and is always seeking authentic creative expression. Mid-century modern design is one of her great inspirations, as is classic literature, fast motorbikes, metaphysics, laughter and a view to the horizon.

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